Can i trust this service ?
  As you may have noticed, we also have other sites that YES accept credit/debit cards or Bank Transfers or Paypal, but obviously, due to the high costs of the bank processing, the prices are much more expensive in that websites.

If you check the prices, you will agree that if we offer the same 50% more expensive, the prices would still be very cheap because they are branded products.

We don´t earn too much for each sale. We put the focus on keeping you as happy customer and getting you back again and again for place new orders. That's where we make a difference.
  We offer Brand Products
  We have access to the most common Brand medications at low cost directly from the provider. We don't sell low quality generics. In this way, you are very happy and we also because we avoid complaints about "Quality".
  Why prices so cheap?
  Sure you have visited another websites and you can see fully different prices...Much more higher because they are using Credit Card processor and in this way they have 40% extra fee in average for this service plus lot of costs related with Chargebacks, ussually comming from fraudlent customers.

The prices listed are very cheap because two mainly things :

- We accept ONLY Bitcoins as method of payment. We have our OWN online processor. You paid in the same moment without extra fees later. Paying with Bitcoins, we avoid HIGH fees for processing for example Debit and Credit cards, we avoid then any charge from Bank fees and we get the payment inmediatelly.
- Fully automated website...You can purchase and paid online without delays and because we receive the money at same moment, your order is inmediatelly sent to the Logistics to be shippied as soon as possible. You receive inmediatelly after shipped the tracking code by email. There not exist an extra step to "Verify by Phone" the order that ussually add one day more to the process or more if difficult reach you in free and proper time. We dont ask your phone number, also is good for you because you are sure nobody will bother you with promotions by phone later.

- We not use phone support and dont ask you for phone number. There are some advantages for both. We need less employees to offer support, because we only doing by email. You can send us an email directly or using our contact form. You have a register by each order with all the details. We reduced the need for support by creating a more automated website and a professional shipping system.

But ussually, there you dont will need support, because you will get the tracking code quickly. Then you can follow the status of your shipment easily. In average, 98% of the packages arrive to the destination without any problem. Then the support is basically for rare cases where the package not have arrived on-time and you ask for MONEYBACK/FREE RESHIPMENT or package arrived with some damaged blisters or arrived with wrong quantity (Example you purchased 90 pills , that is 9 blisters x10 pills but you got 8 Blisters). And finally the another rare case: You have received wrong product. BUT all these are really uncommon situations.
  After you payment its done, allow us 24 to 48hs to send you the tracking code that will available for your package. We dont work over weekend. Orders YES can be accepted and paid over weekends but the tracking code will sent to you between 1 to 2 business days
  No problem with refunds but will made in Bitcoins also. For this you need to provide us a Bitcoin wallet address to send your refund. Just send us a message requesting a refund with your address.

About the Refunds, the Quality cant be the reason of the Refund because we dont are shipping fake or low quality generics, We sending GENUINE brands that you know very well and each PRODUCT PICTURE EXACTLY SHOWS WHAT WE WILL SEND
- The package is already sent and is on the way.
- If you already received the package in good conditions (Medications cant be returned)
- You have received the package but is this case, you need send a picture of the blisters and we will do a partial refund by every Blister affected.

If you dont have received the package after a maximum of 15 Days, you have two options :
- Full Refund
- Ask for a Free Reshipment
  Delivery time frame
  The shipping time frame in average is 4 to 7 days. In some rare cases have a maximum of 10 days depending if in middle exist hollidays or any delays with the postal service. The details listed checking the Tracking Code, will explain if everything its ok or there we need to refund you or to do a free reshipment as you decide.